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In our nursery we propagate and grow all our own water lilies.  Extra plants and fish are sold by appointment only when available. 

      All water lilies are best grown in 3 gal. or larger pot. We use black topsoil. Do not use potting mixes as they can foul the soil and the pond water. Water lilies can be grown in 1-4 feet of water. Mature plants can be sunk to your pond level and will "rise" in a few days. Starters should be lowered in the water column as they mature. Below are some of the varieties we grow.   

Mrs. G C Hitchcock

  large pink tropical night bloomer. med/large water lily. good bloomer

 Antares  red tropical night blooming water lily large leaf spread 

Wood's White Knight  large white flower night bloomer

Panama Pacific

This violet blue tropical water lily does it all. Small to medium spread, Fragrant, tolerates shade. great bloomer.


Small pale blue tropical water lily. Great for container gardens. tolerates shade, very fragrant, good bloomer

Evelyn Randig 

tropical water lily

Raspberry  pink flowers with heavily mottled leaves, frequent bloomer, medium spread

Larp Prassert?  We think. Red flowers stand high above the water on this tropical water lily, med to large, great bloomer 

Charlene Strawn, hardy yellow waterlily 

 Afterglow, tropical autumn pink water lily  medium 

Blue Beauty, tropical sky blue waterlily  prolific bloomer