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At our  nursery we grow our own submerged and floating aquatic plants. Extra plants and fish are sold by appointment only when available.   

   Submerged and floating plants are the real workhorse of a balanced system and clear water. They shade the water and remove excess nutrients therefore starving algae.

 These can simply be  placed in the pond or you can pin them down with a rock or brick as you see fit. Below are some of the varieties we grow.     


     tape grass    vallisneria americana  

            mosaic plant,   ludwigia sedioides 

                    hornwort / coonstail                                         ceratophyllum demersum

            dwarf white snowflake variegated                                     nymphoides cristata

      parrots feather, myriophyllum aquaticum 

   large white snowflake, nymphoides indica

   dwarf parrots feather, myriophyllum spp