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Monthly Maintenance

Our monthly maintenance lets you enjoy your feature without the fuss and muss of maintaining it. Most ponds are from

$600.00 to $700.00 per year although larger features require more.  Before we

start we will quote you a separate price, if necessary, to total clean and plant your water garden and anything else it

needs to bring it up to par. (details are below) Ponds must be balanced and set up properly for us to keep our

maintenance costs so low.  Our monthly maintenance includes the following:

*Trim and fertilize pond plants as required

* Scrub brush waterfalls/streambeds

* check water balance and ph and adjust as required

* free plant and lily replacement as we see fit 

*Reduced price on annual clean-out (see below) 

Monthly maintenance is billed annually at the beginning of each calendar year. Years ago we used to bill monthly and found the cost and time was prohibitive so we offered a lower rate to pay the year in

 advance. Most loved the idea as it was easier all around. In the interest of keeping our costs low we no longer offer monthly billing. Ponds starting out with us will be billed through the end of December

 of that calendar year in advance.


Annual Pond Clean-out

 Most ponds need an annual draining to remove muck and built-up debris. Most new clients also require the same before we can do monthly maintenance.  Includes complete pond drain, de muck and

pressure wash pond and patio (fish are kept in temporary aerated holding tank on site) All repotting and new plants as required, aquatic soil, aquatic fertilizer, and trimming.  Total drain and cleans are

 typically $300-$500.