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At our  nursery we grow all our own plants including marginal and bog plants. Extra plants and fish are sold by appointment only when available.

Most marginal plants  want only a couple of inches of water over their pot. You can use bricks or milk crates to elevate them if you don't have a plant shelf. We rarely  fertilize marginal plants as   we want them to get their nutrients from the pond helping to keep the water clear.  When repotting use plain black topsoil. Do not use mixed  potting soils as they may rot roots in an aquatic pot and float out. Trim off  dead leaves and remove from pond. Most marginal plants can also be added bare root. Simple pin down with a rock or brick. Below are some of the varieties we grow.     

purple iris   louisiana black gamecock 

blue pickerel   pontederia cordata 

red stem thalia

thalia geniculata 'ruminoides'

bog lily swamp lily   crinum americanum 

              spider lily   hymenocallis liriosme 

horsetail rush, scouring rush

equisetum hyemale

variegated striped rush

baumea rubiginosa 'variegata'

                     sweetflag variegated

                 acorus calamus variegatus 

                               obiediant plant

                        physostegia leptophyllous 

red Stem Taro calocasia  

imperial taro   Colocasia antiquorum  

Black Magic Taro

Colocasia esculenta 

water celery variegated

oenanthe javanica flamingo

giant papyrus

cyperus papyrus  

blue louisiana iris

sea wisp grande